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We live in a world surrounded by constant internal and external stimulation. Floating is the ultimate escape - like pressing 'mute' on life for an hour. Give your mum and the special women in your life some much-needed ‘me time’ with an Astral float. Gift vouchers available online or at the studios.

The (short) history of floating

Float therapy, or floating in an open float bath or float tank, has many benefits. It helps to relieve chronic pain and inflammation, lower blood pressure, ease symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD and more. Floating can boost your energy levels and provide the mental clarity you need. Plus, it’ll help you pay back some of your sleep debt!

Floating can be traced back to the 1950s, when a mad scientist Dr John C. Lilly developed the first float tank in an attempt to understand what happened to brain activity without any external, physical stimuli. At Astral Float Studio you’ll be able to experience the same state of sensory relaxation that Lilly found in a float tank.

Open seven days a week from 9:30am – 11:00pm, Astral Float Studio is proud to be Canberra’s first float studio in Bruce and Australia’s first fully accessible float studio in Phillip. For more information about floating, wheelchair access and bookings, call Astral Float Studio in Bruce on 02 6109 0117 or Phillip on 02 6109 0116.

A few reasons why you should float

Creativity through floating

You produce slower brain-wave patterns, known as theta waves, while floating. Theta waves are normally experienced just before falling asleep or during deep meditation. This can be accompanied by vivid imagery, very clear, creative thoughts, sudden insights and inspirations. Your mind is free to explore thoughts without distraction, your brain pumps out dopamine and endorphin, the neurotransmitters of happiness.

Pay back your sleep debt

The float tank screens out external noise, while the 350 kilograms of Epsom salts creates the perfect zero gravity environment for your body and senses to rest. You will leave the tank feeling refreshed, relaxed, and more balanced than before you got in. Plus, one hour of floating has the same healing effects of four hours of sleep! All you need to do is make a booking.


Would you like to hear from our customers about their float experience as Astral? Here’s some feedback from some of our regular floaters and first time floaters. We love hearing from our friends and hope you get to experience the benefits of floating as they have!

“For the first time in nearly nine months I have just been able to reach up and un-peg clothes from my clothes line with my crook left shoulder. Must be the float!! I'll see what other improvements I have over the next few days."
Kate B, NgunnawalFloating - the great anti-inflammatory treatment
“38 weeks pregnant and the best thing I could have done! Went for a float after work and went from being so stiff and struggling to go from sitting to standing to being so mobile I felt like I could go for a run!!!! Definitely recommend and I'll definitely be back after baby comes!!!."
Sara C, Canberra RegionSoon to be mumma
I've been wanting to float for years, and having found out Astral was in Canberra on Tuesday the 4th, I was booked in on Wednesday the 5th. The very next day, first float ever for 2 whole hours. And the owners are 2 of the nicest most chilled out people I've ever met, I'm guessing due to all the floating they have done. Amazing. I'll be going back. I highly recommend this, even if you know nothing of it's benefits you'll soon discover what they are for you. For me apart from lower back pain significantly easing (I could hear vertebrae clicking as my body relaxed) it was how clear my mind felt and how relaxed I was afterwards. I work in the public service but in a really noisy environment. All that stress disappeared. Today at work no one is getting on my nerves and vice versa. Go float.
Ben S, Canberra RegionGo float
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